Loro, the movie. Money for nothing and chicks for free. The immoral majority’s and Berlusconi’s philosophy


Loro 1, Loro 2, regia Paolo Sorrentino, 2018 “What did you expect: to be the richest man in the country, become prime minister and be madly loved by everyone too?” “Yes, that’s exactly what I expected.”   I approached this two instalment movie with a certain apprehension. In Il Divo (2008), Sorrentino portrayed Giulio Andreotti…

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Silvio Berlusconi: 11 overwhelming questions


Silvio Berlusconi and the dark aspects of Italy: why writing a book  about them? Silvio Berlusconi is “not just any old charlatan”, as the Nov. 21, 2011 Newsweek cover reads.  As I have said time and again, Silvio Berlusconi’s ventennio (his twenty years in office) is a privileged observatory as far as the future of democracy is…

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‘Trattativa stato-mafia’ verdict: The Berlusconi government’s deal with the devil confirmed, good omen for his recent official ‘rehabilitation’


‘In 2013 I wrote a whole chapter dedicated to the trattativa stato–mafia in my book about Berlusconi when just a few believed it had happened. Proud of it. A post will follow with the chapter. Thank you Di Matteo‘ is my first tweet after the sentence (trattativa stato-mafia means state-mafia negotiations). So here is the chapter in…

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Education in Italy (part two): the foul play of Berlusconi’s and Renzi’s reforms


In Education in Italy part one I describe the decline of the Italian Education system since the beginning of the new century and the birth of the scuola/azienda, of the student/customer and of the consumers’ school, with its parallel downgrading of the role of teachers and students. In this post I’ll try to present the…

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